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Art Challenge Day 7: Fire

Well, wouldn't you know we had another nor'easter come through with more snow. However, this time we didn't lose power so there was no need to turn on the fireplace. So, instead I chose to pull out my colored pencils again and draw one of the candles we had used during the power outage. It's a small flame, but fire none the less!

The toughest part of this drawing was not the flame, but actually the glass candle holder. I've always struggled drawing or painting glass because it's a lot harder than you think to make it look reflective as glass and not as a metallic object. There are just so many highlights and middle tones in the shading that you can go crazy trying to draw each and every one of them. I think I was mildly successful here. My most successful rendering of glass was probably my painting for the nature theme of day four. For those of you who paint or draw, what is the most challenging thing for you to capture in your work?

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