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Art Challenge Day 9: Monochromatic

So today's challenge took me quite a while but I managed to finish it before the day was over so it's already a win in my book! (But for a while there I thought I was never going to finish - especially when drawing all the berries!!)

Anyway, for whatever reason, whenever I heard the term 'monochromatic' I used to always think of black and white images. Of course, monochromatic simply means to use only one color. It doesn't necessarily mean not using any color.

So to go in the complete opposite direction of black and white I chose to do today's challenge in shades of red. I only used three shades of red colored pencils; a bright orange-red, a medium tone and a dark red-violet to enhance the shadows. The subject is actually a wreath we have surrounding a candle and globe on our divider. And while I'm happy with the end result I will not be choosing such a complicated subject for a while, otherwise I might wind up in the corner rocking back and forth, crying to myself by the end of this challenge!

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