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Art Challenge Day 31: New Technique

Well, here we are at the end of the challenge and while I enjoyed it... I am glad it's come to a close. Some days it's been flat out exhausting trying to get a day's challenge done, but it was fun stretching myself and trying new things. Today's challenge did exactly that. I tried a new technique which was a form of flow painting that involved blowing the paint across the canvas with a straw.

I mixed acrylic paint with water, to make it easier to spread, and dropped one color onto the other after I used the straw to blow it out in a star pattern. The end result looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I then used the left over paint to try the flip cup drip painting technique I had used in an earlier challenge - the green challenge. I liked the outcome, though I was disappointed that there were chunks of paint that hadn't gotten mixed up completely and wound up coming out in the pour. Ah well. It was a mess but it was fun. I recommend trying it yourself for a fun and fairly easy art project.

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