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Libraries Rock! - Summer Reading is Here!

Finally summer has come and so has the Summer Reading Program at the Upper Merion Township Library! This year's theme was a music theme so I had fun incorporating that into the design for the bulletin boards and displays all over the library. For the front bulletin board I created a "rock band" made up of cavemen and for the back board I mimicked the silhouette commercials for iTunes, though this time it's 'iRead.'

Over the computer area I figured you can't go wrong with the classic 'Do Re Mi' from The Sound of Music so I wrote that out then listed the notes of the scale below so kids can learn to read music as well as books. In the display window we collected a bunch of instruments and other music related items and this time added QR codes to videos of each instrument being played so kids learn about what each one sounds like. Finally, to indicate where the check-in desk is I designed a giant piano to wrap around the pole there - you shouldn't be able to miss that!

The summer reading program is a nation-wide program put together by the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP). Check it out wherever your local library is and rock out to some good books this summer! Also, check out the gallery of my previous work for the summer reading programs here.

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