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House Portraits

Looking for a personalized gift for a friend or loved one?  Commission a house portrait to commemorate an anniversary, new move, birthday or first home purchase!  Want step-by-step instructions on how to commission your own keepsake?  See below!


* The images below are of previously commissioned work and are not for individual sale. *

How to Commission a House Portrait

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In order to create your personalized house portrait please fill out the form below and include the following:

1. At least one clear photograph of the scene you want painted from the angle you want it painted.  It's tough to paint a picture of the front of a house if I only have a blurry photograph of the side of it to work from!  Of course if you wish to include more pictures with close ups of the house for detail that would be appreciated.

2. Include any details you wish added or removed from the final work.  For example, if the picture you have of the house is taken in the winter, but you would prefer a spring setting please note that.  Or, if there are telephone lines you would like removed please include that information up front.

3. Choose the size of the piece you want.  I try to work in standard sizes, (8"x10", 11"x14", 16" x 20", etc.) to make pieces easier to frame.  Mats and frames will add size to the final work.  Most of the commissioned pieces above are 11"x14" as painted.  Adding a mat and frame brings the final size to 16"x 20" so please keep that in mind when you are deciding on how large you want your final piece to be.  Click here for a pricing guide.

4. Choose whether or not you want the piece to be matted and framed.  Adding a mat and frame to your piece will add to the final cost of your commission.  However, if you wish to choose your own mat/frame you do have the option of just purchasing the painting by itself.

5. Please include the street address of the house you want painted.  This will be the title included on the final work.

Once I receive the above information, within seven days I will email a sketch of the painting to be completed and an electronic copy of a price estimate.  At this time you may request any changes you wish to be made; after the artwork has been started no more changes can be requested.  When any/all changes have been approved by both the artist and buyer the signed price estimate is required, as contract, in order to approve the commission.  Once the artist has received the signed contract I will send an email confirmation that work will now begin on the piece.  (Please be aware that the cost of shipping will vary depending on location and will not be included in the initial price quote.)   While the timeline of completion for your piece can be negotiated, a minimum of five weeks from the commission confirmation should typically be allowed for the completion of the work before it is shipped.  Please keep that in mind when submitting your request.  Thank you!

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