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Current Work


I enjoy observing the beauty that is around us every day, especially light.  The way light works in all situations intrigues me; how it illuminates even the most everyday objects.  There are lovely stained glass windows in the church I belong to and although I love the images that are depicted in them, I find I often marvel at how the light hits each individual pane of glass.  The colors are often bright and mixed together to create amazing hues when the sunlight passes through them.  These windows and the way shadows are cast by variations in light have inspired me in much of my current work.  

I also have been getting a lot of commissioned pieces from clients who want to give "house portraits" as gifts to loved ones.  Click on the image above to view the whole piece and view the slideshow.


I have also been commissioned for the past several years to do the artwork and displays for the Upper Merion Township Library's summer reading program.  Each year the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) chooses a new theme for the country-wide summer reading program.  I then create eye-catching bulletin boards, etc. to go along with the chosen theme to entice young readers to visit the library and continue reading throughout the summer.  Click here to view my current and previous displays.

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