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Experimenting with New Techniques

In the past I've painted a few versions of stained glass windows. I used both oils and acrylics but I always painted them on canvas. For something different this time I tried painting one on panel board with a painting knife. While it's more of a challenge to control the details of the piece, and the final product is more textured/rougher than my other works, I liked this new take on something I've done before. I feel as though the painting knife allows for a more realistic blend of the colors so that the final product actually looks like glass, rather than a painting of glass. Although, I suppose you can be the judge of how successful I was with that goal!

Either way, trying something different with your work doesn't necessarily mean trying a completely different style or even different subject matter. Sometimes just mixing up the technique you use can be enough to make your work fresh and interesting. I like how this final piece turned out and look forward to getting some more practice in using the same technique with future pieces. If you are an artist and have switched up your techniques to freshen up your work share your stories in the comments! I'd love to hear what worked for you and even what you tried and decided you didn't like. Experimentation can often lead to some pretty amazing results.

For those who might be interested in what painting with a painting knife vs. a paint brush looks like, here is a highlight reel of my work in progress below:

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