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A Break Before Burn Out

Here I am, yet again, amazed that two - almost three - months have gone by since my last post. Such is the life of an artist who has a daytime job! Because I've been working inconsistently on painting and drawing I haven't really had much to post about. Instead I've found I've enjoyed putting most of my creative energy into my new-found love of miniatures. Those take a lot of time to make and put together in dioramas so what little time I've had to work on art has been taken up by that rather than my usual fine artwork.

In the last year I've also gotten tired of chasing down art shows, trying to get my work accepted and ready to ship here, there and everywhere. It can be a rather large expense as well to do that since most shows require an entry fee on top of the cost of shipping the work out if it's not a local show. So with all that added up I've felt a little burnt out trying to juggle so many things at once.

I think, for that reason, I will be taking a bit of a break from this blog and my fine art social media so that I can avoid total burn out. That may seem a bit silly to announce since I haven't been very consistent in the last 8-9 months or so with posting, but I didn't want anyone to wonder about whether or not I was still working/accepting commissions. I will continue to paint/draw but just without the pressure of having to continue to post about it constantly. If I'm feeling ambitious I may even do another monthly challenge in November! Stay tuned...

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