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New Opportunities for the New Year

As with every new year there are always new opportunities that present themselves. Despite the continued closures, some art galleries have branched out and begun having more and more online exhibitions. One such gallery is the Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. Starting February 4th they will be holding their Landscapes 2021 exhibit and I am pleased to share that my piece, From Whence Does My Help Come has been selected to be a part of it! You may recognize this piece from the cover of my 2021 calendar.

If you would like to check out the show, running February 4th - 27th, you can visit It will also be promoted on the gallery's Facebook and Instagram pages if you want to check it out there. To receive a reminder about the show and other notifications for upcoming events/posts visit my homepage and subscribe to my mailing list! I promise you will not be bombarded with emails every other day; you will just receive occasional notifications and updates about once a month. Don't miss out - make sure you stay in the know!

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