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In an effort to continue branching out I wanted to announce that I've started my own business page on Facebook! Here you can get some of the latest updates on what I'm working on as well as a more centralized place to find my blog posts. No more sifting through personal, non-art related material to find what you're looking for! There's not much content yet, but be sure to like and follow the page to get notified as I post more in the coming days!

Of course, I'd like your input too. If you have purchased one of my works before and would be interested in leaving a review, please do! And of course, I'd love to know what kind of content you'd like to see more of on the page. Would you like some videos along with the usual pictures of finished works? If so, what kind of videos - tutorials? Q&A sessions? product reviews? more time lapse videos of my work as it's progressing? Leave your feedback in the comments below! Many thanks in advance!

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