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The Sketchbook Project

Well this is the last post for 2019! It's hard to believe that not only is the year over, but also the decade! Holy cow... Looking back, I feel as though I've branched out quite a bit with trying new things with my art, from taking classes in mediums I've never handled before to expanding my reach across the internet so that new audiences can see my work. I am looking forward to continuing to grow and expand with learning new things and finding other fun projects and challenges in which I can participate in 2020.

Speaking of the internet and participating in new projects... for all its problems, sometimes the world wide web can be an amazing thing! A few months ago I ran across an ad for The Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project. The project involves ordering a blank sketchbook, then filling it with your artwork using one of the many themes they have for you to choose as a springboard. Once the sketchbook is filled, you send it back to the library where they will add it to their collection. Every sketchbook comes with a barcode that you register online so later anyone can check it out just like a library book! Cool huh?

I decided that I was inspired most by their theme, "A Scene from a Story." As you can see I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series and decided to interpret one of the scenes from the first book as my starting scene. My goal is to somehow thread each scene into the next. Let's see if you can guess what my second story will be from the clue above!

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