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Blast from the Past

Recently my aunt and uncle came for a visit and took notice of a painting of mine on the wall at my parents house. It is a cropped picture of the hand of Jesus as he is being taken down from the cross, with this mother Mary fainting in the foreground I titled Mother and Son. The painting was done when I was back in college, (over ten years now, eek!), and I actually won the Sophomore Award in our student show that year for this piece.

My professor took the work The Deposition of Christ, or The Descent from the Cross by Rogier van der Weyden and divided it into sections for each of us in the class to work from. The copies he gave us were just black and white Xerox pages and it was up to us not just to replicate the layout of the scene but to interpret it in our own way, including choosing our own color palette. In digging through my old files I found the picture I took of the end results and as you can see, some people did more wild interpretations than I did! It was a very interesting exercise and I'm glad to say I still have the picture of it to remember everyone's own unique take on this famous work.

The original van der Weyden image I have posted here is borrowed from

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