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Christmas in September

Well... September is here, summer is officially almost gone and what a busy one it was this year! I missed posting in August because I had three commissions I've been working on, including this one. A friend from work asked me to do a portrait, not of a house this time, but of an evergreen tree. The tree was taken from her friend's backyard to be used as the Christmas tree for her town's square. She wanted to give the portrait to her friend as a new housewarming gift.

While I kept most of the scene the same from the photograph I was given I did take a little liberty with it and added snow. Although there were decorations on the tree already, it just felt a little plain without the snow. And that's what artists do - they enhance what you see, not just copy it. Now, it feels more festive (IMO).

The only downside is... now it makes me think about how close it's getting to December! I'm not ready for winter yet!! I think I'll just go outside for now and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine while I still can. Happy Labor Day everyone!

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