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Although I did get my degree in art that doesn't always mean that I'm good with every medium of art. I think the same can be said of most artists; you have your one or two areas where you really excel, but sometimes struggle with other media. My strength lies in drawing and painting, but 3D and digital art really pose a challenge for me. Over the years I've come to learn the very basics of Adobe Photoshop. (I have yet to branch out into other Adobe products because I feel as though I still have a LOT to learn just about Photoshop.) As I have wanted to branch out and experiment more and more with what this program can do, especially when editing my own work, I found many YouTube tutorials that cover various tricks and editing tips. However, the one that stands out as being the most helpful (at least for me) is Terry White's YouTube channel.

The thing that makes Mr. White's videos stand out to me is that he puts together very simple, easy to understand tutorials for all sorts of Adobe programs. Each video will walk the viewer through the process, step by step, but without coming off as condescending to the audience. And because he often records his videos live, if a subscriber has a question while he's recording he will answer it then and there for the benefit of all viewers. The length of the videos vary, sometimes lasting only 20-some minutes, others lasting about an hour. I would highly recommend checking out his channel if you too want to learn something new or brush up on the newest features of whichever Adobe program you are using. I hope you find them as helpful as I do! Above you can see some experiments I've done based on watching Mr. White's latest tutorial on creating a "dreamy double exposure effect". They're not great works of art, but it was fun playing around and expanding my digital art skill set.

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