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Challenge Me

Well, I think every artist can relate when I say I've hit another creative roadblock. So, to keep moving forward and producing work I've decided to do another monthly challenge. The last challenge I did focused on photography, but now I will focus solely on drawing and painting. I've never done an entire drawing or painting in just a day so this really will be a challenge.

While I searched for artist challenges online I confess I really didn't like a lot of them. And some were obviously geared towards children. So, I decided to take the themes I liked from a bunch of different challenges, discard the ones I didn't like*, and create my own challenge list. Anyone who would like to join me in this monthly exercise is welcome to do so, post photographs of your work on Facebook and tag me (sorry I don't do Instagram). The challenge begins March 1st and ends on the 31st. Let the drawing/painting begin!

*Side note: I had no idea how many challenges were obsessed with drawing 'your favorite animal/pet' or 'breakfast.' I am not a big animal lover so, sorry, but I don't have a favorite and my breakfast is a pretty boring bowl of cereal every day. That's why I tweaked things and picked out the challenges I thought would be fun and interesting for me. Any suggestions for future challenges are welcome!

Artist Challenge

Day 1: literary

Day 2: fabric

Day 3: creative self-portrait

Day 4: nature

Day 5: smooth

Day 6: multiples of 3

Day 7: fire

Day 8: fluffy

Day 9: monochromatic

Day 10: orange

Day 11: in water

Day 12: illustrate your favorite quote

Day 13: up close

Day 14: curves

Day 15: portrait of a celebrity who died before 1980 (and add 3 objects that could be associated with them)

Day 16: contrast

Day 17: green

Day 18: architecture

Day 19: from the movies

Day 20: dessert

Day 21: dark

Day 22: white

Day 23: splash of color

Day 24: recreate a well-known work of art

Day 25: name that tune

Day 26: reflection

Day 27: vintage

Day 28: broad strokes

Day 29: shadows

Day 30: quick sketch

Day 31: try a new technique

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