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Art Challenge Day 1: Literary

Oh boy... so it's only day one and I think this challenge may already be kicking my butt. I have a much busier schedule now than when I did the last art challenge so I really had to push to come up with something for today's theme and finish it in one day. But, even though it took a while I managed to complete a drawing and this is the result.

Because today's theme was 'literary,'

I chose to do an illustration of many different fairy tales all in one. I sketched it out in pencil first, but then started adding color to give it some life. I admit, I rarely work in marker and I rather regret not just making it a simple, black and white line drawing, but that's the thing with color. Once you commit, there's no going back! I think if I choose to add color next time I may just stick with colored pencil or paint as I find it easier to blend colors and add more subtlety to a piece than with marker. Oh well, it was a learning experience! Perhaps tomorrow will be more of a success.

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