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Art Challenge Day 4: Nature

So today was supposed to be my "catch up" day. I was going to do my 'creative self-portrait' and my 'nature' entries today, but... that didn't happen. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. So because I only had enough time to devote to one theme or the other I chose to do my scheduled nature theme for today. Maybe I will make up the self-portrait some other day.

Yesterday my mom and I visited the Philadelphia Flower Show, (a great way to stay warm while the power was out!), and I got a lot of good shots of the flowers on display. I chose to paint one photo I took of some bright yellow calla lilies against a light blue wooden display wall. I just loved the contrast of the colors so it was easy to pick this particular photo to recreate. I have to say, for just a "quick," one-day painting I'm pretty pleased with the result!

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