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Art Challenge Day 8: Fluffy

Today's challenge was: fluffy. I rummaged through my old stuff and found a rabbit from when I was a kid. I sort of regret choosing a white rabbit (yes - he is supposed to be white, or off-white, not yellow) to paint since it's such a challenge to get the coloring right and still make it look white, but I think I managed it. (I confess i am not looking forward to the 'white' challenge of day 22...)

This had to be a quick one today so to be honest, if given more time I would have bumped up the contrast and played with the colors a bit more; even the brownish/gray tie was tricky! But as every artist knows, sometimes you just have to get to a certain point and stop. Time constraints definitely help with this! The real trick is not to go back and keep mulling over all the flaws and changes you'd make! Okay... just walk away. Seriously... walk. away.

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