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Art Challenge Day 15: Celebrity

Tonight, Stephanie Spangler presents... a celebrity who died before 1980 (and three objects that could be associated with him/her). Well, okay so I cheated a bit on this one since Alfred Hitchcock died in 1980, not before but I figured that was close enough to count. Alfred Hitchcock Presents always started off with the director's iconic silhouette so instead of doing a detailed portrait I chose his silhouette to represent him.

The three additional objects are two images that represent some of the films he directed (I will leave you to guess which two I selected - it shouldn't be too hard) and a film strip since he worked in both film and TV. I actually chose this particular challenge because in college I had a similar assignment in my painting class that I really enjoyed. We had to choose a celebrity who died in 1980 or earlier and incorporate a word and an object that was associated with them, along with at least seven lines. I did a portrait of John Lennon. (Sorry about the lousy photo. I had framed it before I took the photo with my equally lousy camera - it was before cameras had more than 8 mega pixels! ...jeez that made me sound old...) Anyway, I enjoyed the assignment so much that I had always intended to do more portraits in a similar manner. Maybe after this challenge is over I will do some more!

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