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Art Challenge Day 17: Green

So today's challenge was 'green'... obviously! What else would you do for St. Patrick's Day?! Anyway, I was kind of stuck for a while on what to draw or paint until I remembered seeing a lot of videos on YouTube about drip paintings. I'd never done one before and was going to hold off trying it until the last challenge, but then I figured, why not give it a shot now?

After watching a couple of videos on different techniques one can try, I began to be a little apprehensive about how successful this was going to be. In all the videos I watched people kept talking about having the right kind of paint and whether or not to add silicone or something called Floetrol... and I began to think this wasn't going to work. All I had was regular acrylic paint and water. Finally I just decided to go for it and hope for the best.

All I did was mix water with my acrylic paints until I got them to a soupy, but not super watery consistency and then poured them one on top of the other into a plastic cup. After swirling the paint in the cup a little to get it to marbleize, I flipped the cup over onto the canvas and let it drip down. Then, after I waited a few seconds to make sure at least most of the paint was out of the cup I lifted it up and let the paint run all over the canvas. I did have to tilt it to get the paint to cover everything and then I added a few final flecks of paint to finish it off. I think the end result turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself - at least for a first try! Maybe next time I will try again with the "right" materials to see how that changes the outcome of the painting.

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