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Art Challenge Day 20: Dessert

Today's challenge is: dessert. Today is also the first official day of spring. So, to tie these two themes together I decided to commemorate this momentous event with a cartoon of one of Pennsylvania's most beloved traditions - celebrating the first day of spring with free water ice... in the snow. Yes, yet again nature has reared it's ugly and ironic head to dump a boatload of snow on us just when we thought we were in the clear and ready for daffodils and singing birds. *sigh*

I suppose the onslaught of another nor'easter actually worked in my favor since I really wasn't sure what I was going to draw or paint for this challenge. When I remembered about free water ice on the first day of spring I knew drawing a cartoon would be the perfect way to depict the irony of the whole situation. That's the beauty of cartoons. They give you the joke and the punchline all in one simple drawing. So, enjoy the chuckle (if you can stop crying over the snow for a minute) and... Happy Spring!

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