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Art Challenge Day 25: Name that Tune

Okay, so it's time to play 'Name that Tune!' After going to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year I was tempted to do my own interpretation of the Beatles' Octopus's Garden, but then I figured that would be too easy, not to mention overdone. There were at least 2-3 interpretations of that song on display at the show.

So as for the song I actually chose, I felt it was appropriate for this time of year. (I can't seem to shake the winter theme...) Plus this 1960's classic should be well known enough seeing as it has been covered several times. But, if the song title doesn't come to you right away I will give you another clue... the Hollywood sign is on the hill in the bubble. Sorry, it didn't come out as clearly as I'd hoped in the photograph.

All right, that's enough clues now - get to guessing!

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