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Art Challenge Day 27: Vintage

Today's challenge is 'vintage' and this actually made me a little sad. Why? Because I realized that most of my childhood toys are now vintage, if going by the definition that anything over 20 years old is now considered vintage. Ugh.

So, I dug through my closet and found my now 'vintage' talking ALF doll from 1986 and my Mickey phone from 1976 - also now considered vintage - for my drawing today. Granted I wasn't around in 1976, and was barely toddling around in 1986 so it's not like this stuff can be considered antique, but still... it makes me feel old to think how 1970's-80's paraphernalia is now being sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Maybe that's why I enjoy the show Stranger Things so much. Even though it starts a little before I was born, while watching it I can still say, "I remember that!!"

I LOVED the Mickey phone and my ALF doll, so much so that now poor ALF's talk box is no longer working. However, you can watch this clip to hear what he used to sound like throwing out his famous sayings like, "Here, kitty kitty kitty!" and "I'm a people alien!" Did you have an ALF doll? How about some Ghostbusters figurines? What 'vintage' toys or other 1970's-80's items do you miss?

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