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Miniature Mystery Project Reveal

Well, better late than never, I guess! It took a while to finally finish the mystery project I've been teasing for the past few months, but it's done now and ready to be revealed!

Ever since my parents first made me a dollhouse from a kit when I was seven I wanted to make a dollhouse of my own from scratch. But creating a whole dollhouse requires a LOT of time, money, patience and some skill. That seemed like too big a challenge right out of the gate and I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew so I figured I'd start with something much smaller - a book nook! While I know miniatures aren't exactly fine art, nor keeping in the same vein as the work I normally do, I do see miniatures as an art form and sometimes you just need to do something completely different and totally just for fun.

These little vignettes have been growing in popularity within the last few years and you can find all sorts of variations on YouTube. I started watching many of those videos along with videos from the channels of several miniaturists, which inspired me to jump in and try my hand at making my own scene. Many book nooks are movie-themed, but I chose to just make a simple sitting room with a cozy fireplace and bookshelf on a snowy evening. Most everything in the room is handmade with the exception of a few things here and there like the ceiling light fixture, flickering light in the fireplace, telephone, knitting basket and the window.

In the coming weeks I'll try to post short videos of how I made some of the items in the room in case anyone wants to try their hand at making a similar piece for themselves. You'll be able to check them out on Instagram and YouTube (that is, if I can get my iMovie to behave! Grrr...). If you are into miniatures too let me know if you have any favorite people/shops you follow on social media and share what projects you have made yourself!

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