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Surviving Quarantine: Keeping Busy and Making Art

This is a very unusual time in our history, for sure! While I am stuck at home, as so many other people are around the world, I've been rather fascinated by the different responses people have had to being unable to go to work, church or meet with other people in person. (I should note that when I titled this "Surviving Quarantine" I am not actually quarantined. I am not sick with any symptoms of any illness of any kind. I just use that as a general term for the sort of "lock-down" we are all experiencing right now.)

As an introvert and an artist I confess that this mandated ordinance to stay at home and away from others has been... rather nice! I have not experienced any bouts of boredom or cravings to be out engaging with other people. (Perhaps if I had kids and had to worry about homeschooling them I might feel differently! ha ha Hang in there moms and dads!) I've been keeping busy every day, when not taking care of a few things remotely for work, by getting stuff ready for the displays for the Summer Reading Program at my local library. Plus, I've tried to keep up with my own personal art projects as well. Here are a few pictures of the stuff I've been working on so far. Pictures of all the finished products are yet to come...

So how are the rest of you faring in this time of self-isolation? Are you going bonkers and climbing the walls? Or, are you like me and relishing this extra time you're getting to work on all the art projects you've had on the back burners for a while? I think so far the only thing I've really missed is being able to run to the art stores to get more supplies when I need them. =0/ If you need ideas on art projects to keep busy I highly recommend looking up challenges online from places like art stores, i.e. Jerry's Artarama, or websites like Inktober. Some have created daily or weekly art projects specifically for these weeks of isolation but others have lists of previously posted challenges you can do on your own at any time. The key is to stay active, keep your hands and your brain preoccupied, and take every day in stride. Good luck everyone and see you on the other side of this!

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