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Art Challenge Day 18: Architecture

It's rather fortunate that today's challenge is architecture because I recently received a commission from a friend to paint her house for her. And what's better than to use this as a chance to get some work done on it? Obviously, though, this is not something I could finish in a day so even though I don't normally post pictures of my work in progress I had to make an exception to have something to share for today's entry.

Right now I am in the light wash phase of painting. It takes me a while, longer than most might think, to sketch out the house I'm painting and to make sure I get all the proportions right, as well as the surrounding background. Architecture isn't something that is particularly forgiving so if there's a section that's off it can be very noticeable. Now that that's pretty much taken care of, I am going to begin layering washes of paint to build up the colors. The brick work will probably take the most time! Once it's finished I will definitely post the finished result.

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