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Art Challenge Day 22: White

Today's challenge is: white. And of course, despite the melting we had today we are still surrounded with plenty of white up here in PA. If I was the one to jinx us with all this snow, I would just like to apologize here and now. But seriously, having a ton of snow on the ground actually worked in my favor this time for this challenge. I chose to my snow-capped front porch railing.

Now I will be honest, I had no energy to complete this challenge so this was just a quick sketch I threw together at the last minute. I thought doing my drawing on black paper would make the white really pop, but that wasn't really the case. As I started blending some of the mid-tones really started to muddle together and came out just looking rather gray all over. Well, that's what happens when you experiment - sometimes it works out in your favor and sometimes it doesn't. Better luck next time.

P.S. Today was the last of the color challenges. Did you find the connection between them?

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