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Holiday Haul

Santa has come and gone this Christmas but he left quite a generous haul! Among the goodies I got was a set of brushes, a set of gouache paints, some watercolor paper, fluid acrylic paints, pouring medium and Yupo paper. I've tried a couple of pour paintings with regular acrylics before, and while the end products turned out OK, I knew I would have had better results with the proper materials. So I am definitely looking forward to trying again with the right kind of paints!

I am also excited to try out my new gouache paints and my Yupo paper. In the spring I am signed up to take a class in gouache painting, an opaque form of watercolor, at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Having the proper paints will give me an opportunity to practice before then. The Yupo paper is a specific kind of paper specially made to work well with alcohol inks, a gift I got a few Christmases ago. I've seen YouTube videos of how people use the paper to make really beautiful pieces with alcohol ink so, again, I will have to practice more now that I have the proper materials.

So what exciting gifts have you received for Christmas? Have you had experience using any of the products I've listed? How did you like them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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