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A Universe of Stories

It's summertime again and that means Summer Reading is here! This year's theme is "A Universe of Stories" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first landing of a man on the moon. Though the universe itself may be vast, what you can do with this theme is... well, not so vast. At least, I found it hard to come up with decorations for the library that were fresh and not overdone, especially since we already had a theme in the last few years that sort of included a space theme to it. But here is my best shot for your perusal.

One of the interactive parts of the displays I did was to hide several Ms. Frizzle's from The Magic School Bus series around the library for kids to find and cross off on a list. The idea is to get kids familiar with other sections of the library, besides just fiction. Each section has a tie in with the overall space/earth/engineering theme in some way.

If you would like to see the displays I've done in the past for previous years' themes click this link to view my gallery. The Summer Reading program theme is chosen and coordinated by the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) each year. What theme would you like to see them cover?

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