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Miniature Obsession

During the pandemic I got hooked on watching videos of miniature artists create pieces for their various projects. Some created items for dollhouses while others created elaborate landscape scenes and dioramas. As a kid I had a dollhouse my parents made for me from a kit and while I enjoyed playing with it I really wanted to design and create my own dollhouse some day. While I knew that was a bit too large of a project to begin with for my first time making anything in miniature, I decided to just dip my toe into the waters and try creating a book nook to start. I watched several more tutorial/construction videos on how people created their own book nooks for tips. Then I got to work on my own. It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself! You can check it out here.

And while I had a blast creating that little scene... I didn't actually satisfy the urge to create a miniature project. Instead I started a new obsession! I found an artist who creates scenes in old cigar boxes and found the inspiration to make that my next project. After posting sketches online for people to vote on I had a theme - a quaint little English pub - and quickly got to work. Above are the photos of my project in progress. When it is all finished I will post pictures of the final product - stay tuned!

So these are the little projects I'll be undertaking in between my regular art projects! What is your latest obsession? Do you spend hours scrolling through DIY videos on YouTube? Is it impossible for you to not compulsively buy materials for your own projects (even if you have more than enough to work from at home)? Share your obsessions and pictures in the comments!

Also, here is a list of miniature artists I follow in case you are interested in going down this addictive rabbit hole yourself! Their projects are amazing and tutorial videos very helpful! Check them out!

Heather Tracy/Thicketworks: (Heather's channel and other social media sites have been deactivated and I'm not sure why, but you can still find some of her old tutorial videos like this one on YouTube.)

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