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Moravian Star Earrings

Years ago my mom was given a pair of tiny Moravian star earrings. Unfortunately, one was lost so I made her a second pair. I also made a pair for myself in gold. Here are the instructions in case you want to make a pair for yourself! If however, you need a little more guidance than just pictures, here is the link to a YouTube video I used when I first started.

1. Cut four lengths of paper. For the earrings I used a thin card stock so that it would hold its structure better than just regular paper. I made mine 8 1/2" x 1/8". Fold the strips in half and cut the ends at an angle.

2. Weave the strips together to make a box. Take Strip A with the point facing up. Feed it through Strip B. Take Strip C and feed that over Strip B. Now take Strip D and feed it over strip C and through strip B. Pull the strips tight to create a box in the middle.

3. Now flip the box over and fold B1 to the right and D1 to the left. Then fold A1 down over B1 and under D1. Then, fold C1 up and over D1 and under B1. You should have two strips, side by side on each end now.

4. Now flip the whole thing over, take A2 and do a mountain fold to the right. Then mountain fold it down so that you have a point.

5. Now fold the point in half and take the strip and fold it through B2. Rotate clockwise and repeat this step until you have 4 points, like a windmill.

6. Flip everything over and repeat step 5 so that you have "cat ears" on each end.

7. Now take one of the strips, rotate it around to the left and feed it under the next strip, through the point. You may need tweezers to pull it through. Rotate counterclockwise and repeat the process for all four strips.

8. Do the same on the other side then cut all the ends of the strips off. The finished product looks like this. Once done, poke a hole through one of the flat points and secure it to an earring with a piece of thread. Voila!

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